These terms and conditions apply to all websites and booking systems designed and developed by Booking Online Ltd for any client. Please read these terms and conditions carefully. If a client accepts a website or booking system they will be deemed to have agreed to these terms and conditions in full. If you have any questions, please get in touch! Contact Booking Online on (+44) 01706 249 004 or by emailing info@bookingonline.co.uk.

Our Scope

We provide websites and booking systems, and technical support for the services we provide. We may on occasion provide advice and recommendations relating to digital marketing and website content.

We do not write the content or populate any information on clients’ websites. We take no responsibility for inputting the information that is on clients’ websites. Our clients have full control over the writing that is on their website, and this can be managed through the admin system, subject to the package they have purchased. To confirm, we are not a content writing service and our clients must write their own website content.

Although we will give clients help and advice relating to digital marketing and SEO to the best of our knowledge, we take no responsibility for the client’s SEO results or the level of business clients attract through their websites. Clients who follow our advice typically perform substantially better than those that do not.

We also take no responsibility should our clients choose to use copyrighted material or content from other businesses, nor do we take any responsibility should other businesses steal our clients’ intellectual property. If someone has used a client’s content without the client’s permission, then the client must resolve this matter directly with the person in question. Our clients should not use their system to host sensitive data (eg card details) and we reserve the right to automatically remove that data at any time.

Although we will provide clients with advice, information and support in regards to WorldPay compliance and compliance with trading standards and other related laws and regulations, we take no responsibility for any losses our clients encounter as a result of a failure to comply with WorldPay or trading regulations.

We hold no liability for any losses customers sustain as a result of any issue other than those relating to website design and technical failure of our online booking system. This includes any changes to search engine results positions, income or business reputation, as well as any other losses. This includes occasions when we have inadvertently given erroneous advice in regards to marketing websites or business management. Although we are happy to share our expertise and knowledge with our clients, we take no responsibility for any losses clients may sustain when following our advice.

Project Completion and Client Review

Booking Online Ltd will give the client the opportunity to review the website when an initial design is created – typically within 7 days of the date they sign up. The client is free to make alterations to this initial website design at this time. When the client approves the design, we will develop the website based on this initial design. The client only has limited ability to make alterations to the website design after this point. If a requested design change for a developed website takes longer than 5 minutes to complete, amendments will be billed at a rate of £50 an hour.

Payments to Us

Payments consist of an initial set-up cost (plus VAT if applicable). All packages require this initial registration fee. This will be followed by monthly payments or annual invoices. Payments and fees are amended from time to time to reflect the changing costs of services.

Payments for UK customers will be made through a monthly Direct Debit instruction, with payment dates on either the 1st or 15th of the month.

International customers can pay through Stripe, with the first payment commencing either on the date they provide their payment card information or the following working day. Alternatively, international payments can be made through annual invoices. There are no discounts available, and both payment methods are the same price.

Monthly payments begin when the client is provided with a username and password, not when the client’s site is put live.

If a client does not keep up with their payments, their website and booking system are at risk of being deactivated. Continual late payments, or arrears of over one week, will incur an administration fee of £10 (plus VAT if applicable). Arrears of over two weeks will incur an administration fee of £20 (plus VAT if applicable).

Clients will still be billed for their package until either we or the client has decided to terminate the package. This is still the case if access to the administration panel has been turned off as a result of non-payment.

There is no fee to upgrade to a higher package. If a client chooses to downgrade to a cheaper package, they must pay a downgrade fee of £50 (plus VAT if applicable).

Customer Payments to Clients

Online payment integration is handled through PayPal or WorldPay. Money is paid directly into the clients’ PayPal or bank accounts and never touches our accounts. We simply facilitate clients with the ability to take payments through their website; the rest is handled by the client’s payment processing company.

Refunds and Cancellation

Notice of a client’s intent to cancel must be submitted 30 days before the cancellation date. Clients must cancel their Direct Debit instruction or payment instruction to Booking Online one month from the date they provided us with their intent to cancel. All content from the website and any emails should be backed up by this date. When the 30 days’ notice has been completed, the site and any email addresses will be turned off, and domains will be set to ‘not renew’. Domains can be transferred to other providers at any time before the domain expires.

There is no service cancellation fee. If a client chooses to reactivate their site, they must pay a reactivation fee of the initial set up cost of their package (plus VAT if applicable).

If a website design or development project is cancelled at any point after work commences, you will be liable to pay for all charges incurred. Upon approving a website design, you confirm that you are satisfied with this website design and that no refunds can be made from your initial join fee.

In the event of overpayment on monthly premiums or any other overpayments, refunds will be made into the bank account the payment was made from.

No refunds for emails or domains will be payable following the completion of successful domain name registrations and renewals or the creation of additional email accounts.

Business sale or transfer

If a client sells or transfers their business to another owner, a transfer fee of £50 (plus VAT if applicable) must be paid. The new owner is responsible for paying this fee.


The 'code' of the platform is the intellectual property of Booking Online Ltd. We do not provide operators with a copy of our platform's code or FTP access to our servers.

Websites will feature the 'Member of Booking Online' logo or the ‘Booking Online’ logo as part of the service we provide, and this branding is part and parcel of the product. Use of the Booking Online logo or Booking Online logo on our clients’ merchandise must first be approved by the Booking Online Ltd administration team.

The client may choose to have their website built under either the Booking Online brand or the Booking Online brand, depending on the industry they are based in. The brand the client chooses will determine the logo on their website.


We offer a professional design service which is inclusive in the prices that we advertise, however there may be instances where your requirements may exceed the service we offer and will require extra time. You will be informed of any further charges prior to extra design work commencing.

The website layout and designs created by Booking Online Ltd are the sole property of Booking Online Ltd and must not be replicated or revised without prior permission from our management. The design style and placement of functional elements within our website formats is integral to our service and brand identity, and the replication of our designs without consent will be considered a violation of our copyrights resulting in legal action.

Designs created by Booking Online for your company, or designs provided to us such as your company logo, images, testimonials etc may be used on our promotional material online or in print for marketing purposes.

When our member of staff emails you your website design, please do not post the design on social media. The design has been created to your specification and requests, and posting the work on social media sites for feedback simply leaves you open to your competitors getting wind of your efforts, and altering their sites accordingly - usually to match yours.

Any logos or branding we create for the client belongs to the client, and is free for them to use. We can provide clients with high-resolution vector copies of their logos if required for printing, van stickers, etc.

We do not provide a custom design service and follow a templated website design approach. Our team constantly improve designs and technical features elements, which may be reused in full or in part. If you wish to choose a new design for your existing website, the full set up fee for your package will apply.

Elements of your website may be shared with other websites. We will endeavour to ensure your website is substantially different from other websites in your local area.

Updates, Upgrades and Packages

All operators receive free on-going feature upgrades to the platform. Future development is determined by the wishes of our operators. All operators are free to suggest new features and are encouraged to play a part in the platform's future direction.

On occasion we may develop an 'optional extra' update which may incur a small fee if you wish to use the service.

Although there are no fees to upgrade your package, we do charge £50 +vat to downgrade to the next lower package to the one you are currently on.

All packages are for single site use only. Additional sites are referred to as Satellite sites and incur an additional charge for each additional website using any of our services.

The Web Starter is restricted to 10 products. We will be unable to downgrade you to the Web Starter unless you have less than 11 products.

Privacy Policy

We promise never to use clients’ data or contact details for any reason outside of the normal, transparent operations of the Booking Online. We will never pass clients’ details to a third party without the individual client’s explicit permission. If a client decides to leave us, their details will be securely stored in an encrypted file for 12 months, after which they will be destroyed, or they can be destroyed on cancellation - we will require confirmation of cancellation and destruction of data in writing and require 30 days’ notice.

Customer bookings data will only ever be accessed by Booking Online staff when needed to resolve technical issues.

Our Servers

Our platform is hosted on high-specification servers from Rackspace, the world's leading premium hosting company, ensuring more than 99.99% uptime. Full database backups are created every 12 hours, and files are backed up continuously.

While we will take all reasonable steps to prevent downtime, we cannot be held responsible for any downtime or any losses incurred as a result of downtime.


Clients receive one domain address with their Booking Online / Booking Online Ltd website. This email address must be either a.com or a.co.uk address. Other top-level domains, such as.ie,.com.au or.net, must be purchased by the client.

Additional.co.uk domains are available for an initial cost of £12 and an additional Direct Debit charge of £1 a month, and additional.com and other top-level domains are available for an initial cost of £24 and an additional Direct Debit charge of £2 a month. Who.is privacy is also available for an extra £1 a month. Prices on occasion may change.

All fees paid for domain names are non-refundable although domains can be transferred at any time at the client's request.

There are no refunds or deductions available for clients who provide their own domains. Existing domains hosted elsewhere can be transferred to us – further information is available on request.


Clients receive one business-class email inbox with their Booking Online / Booking Online Ltd website, as well as an unlimited number of forwarder email addresses. These are usually created when the site is put live, but can be requested at later stages. If a client does not use our email provider and uses another provider, such as Gmail or Hotmail, and experiences problems with these, we will not be able to provide the client with effective support.

The initial standard email address provided contains 500MB of space. A 2GB mailbox can be purchased for an additional £1 a month and a 20GB mailbox can be requested for an extra £4 a month. Additional standard email inboxes can be requested at a price of £2 a month.

There are no refunds or deductions available for clients who provide their own email addresses. Existing email addresses hosted elsewhere can be transferred to us – further information is available on request.