Privacy Policy

Booking Online Ltd is committed to reaching high standards of privacy and data confidentiality. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that information relating to our clients, any information held by our clients, and any information relating to website users or prospective clients, remains confidential.


Our websites use cookies to collect information about visitors. This information is used to improve the performance of our website, improve the browsing experience, and to track the behaviour of users for business analysis.

Cookies are small text files which are placed on computers, smartphones and other browsing devices. These are individual to each user and can change the behaviour of the website to individual preferences or requirements. Although there is no directly-identifying information on these cookies, they may contain information such as IP addresses, browser details, geographical information, timestamps and referring pages. This information is used to maintenance and administrative purposes and enables Booking Online Ltd to monitor technical issues and user engagement.

The cookies used by Booking Online Ltd fall into one of the following categories:

Persistent cookies - These cookies will remain on users’ devices after they have stopped browsing the website and closed the browser. They help us retain information over several browsing sessions.

Session cookies - These cookies expire soon after users leave the website or close their browser. They do not contain any identifiable or personal information and promote data confidentiality by reducing the need for information to be sent over the internet. These cookies will note the times users were on our website.

Analytical cookies - Analytical cookies are used to ensure that our websites work properly and alert us to any technical problems, and to observe user behaviour on our websites. This allows us to analyse conversion and interest and improve user experience.

Tracking cookies - These cookies contain data including the geographical location of website visitors, the route they used to access the website and to identify repeated visitors.

Disclosing information to third parties

We will only disclose personal information to third party partner organisations when such disclosure is necessary for the completion of agreed work, such as the printing and delivery of clothing and merchandise, or for any specialist technical work. Personal information will be held securely by these third parties and will never be sold to other parties.

We will never disclose personal information to non-partner third parties unless required to do so by law or explicitly asked to do so by the individual or organisation the information relates to.

Information provided to us

In some instances, clients or prospective clients may provide us with identifiable information, including names, contact details and addresses. This information may be put in public records such as our business directory and in website records.

Changing inaccurate information

We are happy to change or amend any inaccurate information held by us. Simply contact us using the contact information we have on file and we will update the information accordingly.

In order to withhold or remove information from our services, please contact us. We will respond to your request within 21 days and will only refuse to remove this information if we need it to carry out services we are contractually obliged to.

We will remove anyone from any marketing or mailing lists on request.

The Data Protection Act 1998

All information processed by Booking Online Ltd or any partner organisations will be held in compliance with the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998 and any further relevant legislation. This means the information we hold must be:

  • Adequate
  • Not excessive
  • Relevant
  • Accurate
  • Obtained and processed for lawful purposes
  • Held for no longer than required
  • Secure
  • Only transferred to parties that will adhere to data protection requirements

Any clients who wish to find out about the personal information we hold about them are invited to email us at or write to us at Booking Online Ltd, The Sharp Project, Thorp Road, Manchester, M40 5BJ. There may be a fee of up to £10 required for the access of this data.

This policy is subject to change. It was last updated on November 6th 2017.